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Our Today’s topic is Amazing Charts EMR A Solid Budget EHR Solution. Amazing Charts was shaped in 2001 by an active family doc. Understanding the wants of doctors, the founder needed Amazing Charts to meet those desires. during this pursuit, he went higher than and on the far side, providing physicians with the specified options Associate in

Nursing needed to alleviate a number of the pain that comes with mistreatment in an EHR system. As a result, Amazing Charts became a totally loaded, intuitive, and budget-friendly EHR answer. And just in case you were inquisitive, YES! It will have Amazing charts.

Amazing Charts EMR A Solid Budget EHR Solution

Since its conception in 2001, Amazing Charts EHR has remained a top-ranked EHR answer acknowledged for its simple use and remains one of the most effective reasonable systems on the market. In 2017, Amazing Charts was not inheritable by Harris health care. Nowadays, they provide a tremendous sort of options aimed to form your follower’s growth.

Amazing Charts EMR A Solid Budget EHR Solution

Choosing an Associate in Nursing EHR answer is not easy; You’ll have to be compelled to think about Amazing Charts EHR’s evaluation, features, reviews, and demo availableness. this text aims to form this call straightforward and has epigrammatic data on the metrics mentioned earlier. However, knowing the philosophy behind the corporate you’re aiming to be operating with an Associate in Nursing heavily counting on is a typically unnoted metric.

Amazing Charts EHR is intended from the bottom up to produce necessary options Associate in Nursingd aims to form certain that doctors pay quantity} amount of your time ahead of an EHR screen. additionally, Amazing charts would like to assist freelance practices to grow. For that to happen, their EHR answer is meant to be straightforward, with a mild learning curve whereas conjointly providing technically electronic equipment with progressive options. Now attending to the nice part!

Amazing Charts EMR Features

An EMR answer wouldn’t be referred to as an ‘Amazing’ Chart unless it had options to back that up. Let’s take a glance at them:


Amazing Charts’ EHR answer will either be domestically hosted or will be used over the cloud. It includes the subsequent features;

  1. Charting. Chart summaries, workplace findings, referral summaries, and past encounter summaries area unit accessible with one click, eliminating re-documentation.
  2. Templates. On prime of being customizable, Amazing Charts templates are area units meant to be straightforward to use.
  3. e-Prescribing. Amazing Charts includes a strong and intrinsical e-Prescribing tool. power-driven by NewCrop, a SureScripts Certified answer.
  4. Scheduling. Missed and no-show appointments can be booked, rescheduled, and even documented. Set appointment types and durations, and rebook appointments swiftly.
  5. Patient Portal. Work online together with your patients to share messages, visit summaries, and take a look at results and academic resources.
  6. Reporting. Amazing Charts’ easy-to-use coverage tool includes basic predetermined queries and also the choice to produce your queries in an exceedingly gradual manner.
  7. Billing. once you sign a note in Amazing Charts, an Associate in Nursing electronic superbill is created and saved for charge functions. Along with all this, you’ll be able to contact the support employees by telephone or email. additionally, you’ll conjointly receive updates often.

Practice Management

CareTracker follow Management permits you to instantly discover cryptography errors before submitting claims, validate eligibility and claim to stand on-line, and easily find unpaid claims. moreover, the Dashboard Front workplace Command Center functions as a virtual workplace assistant, observing things and informing you via good alerts. However, this is often solely done once patient information demands your attention, providing you with longer to concentrate on your patients.

Medical Billing

Amazing Charts claims that by adopting their medical charge service, you’d experience;

  • Up to a two hundredth increase in collections
  • 95% of claims are units paid on the first submission
  • Quicker time to payment
  • Uninterrupted income

On prime of all this, Amazing Charts can jointly offer population health, telemedicine, a virtual preventative care assistant, good analytics, speech recognition, and far additional.

Amazing Charts Reviews

Reviews are the best indicator you have of whether a service delivers on the promises it makes. Moreover, it helps us manage our expectations by making us aware of the possible problems or conveniences we’ll face.

So instead of having you read tediously through reviews, I’ve done that for you. After reading dozens of reviews, I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent HIE
  • Voice recognition
  • Easy to learn
  • Customizable
  • Customer support is easily approachable and helpful
  • Documentation is quick
  • Easy to set up
  • User friendly


  • Layout seems old-fashioned
  • Every part of the application is priced
  • Some updates slow the system down
  • Sometimes irrelevant information pops up
  • Log-in sometimes requires multiple attempts
  • The color scheme makes the text difficult to read
  • Not ideal for multiple providers
  • Multitasking isn’t frictionless
  • After upgrading to the basic version it becomes slow

Amazing Charts Pricing

The EHR starts at 199 dollars per month and the practice management system starts at 299 per month. However, on Amazing Charts’ website, you’ll find sterics next to their prices. Those sterics refer to the fact that these prices are for a single clinician or provider. So if your practice has multiple physicians, multiply these prices by the number of physicians at your practice, because they have no packages for multiple providers.

That’s not all, at this price you are simply getting the most bare-bones version possible. Population health, medical billing, and remote care will cost you more. Telemedicine modules are again priced per single provider per month.

Amazing Charts Demos And Trial

A saving grace, demos are easily available and easy to understand, and there are free consultations and webinars available upon asking. The cherry on top is that Amazing charts have a 28-day free trial for you to try out the program and see if it’s suitable for your practice.

Final Words Amazing Charts EMR

On the surface, Amazing Charts seems like a budget EMR, but if you require more modules prices start to increase and system speeds start to decrease. Furthermore, it’s not suitable for multi-clinician practices as for each provider you’ll have to get a new license, and there aren’t any packages.

With that said, it’s ideal for single-physician practices. It has all the necessary features and is cost-effective at that price point.

The system itself is well put together, easy to use, and easy to learn. However, it does have certain quirks.

All in all, Amazing charts is a solid EHR solution. However, it’s not suitable for all kinds of practices

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